Veterinarian recommended. Dog & puppy training and behavior modification. By the High Country’s only certified behavior consultant and trainer.

Marge breaks complex training into manageable pieces for both ends of the leash. She understands that training dogs requires mechanical skills, like observation and timing (regardless of what training method you use). What makes her program different from many others is that she develops skills in both her canine and human learners. Marge empowers her owners with the knowledge to solve problems and set their dogs up for success.

Play is a big part of Marge’s training. If you only ever practice obedience when your dog is calm and on a leash, you’re only teaching him to respond in those situations. But what happens when he sees a squirrel and gets excited? Or his favorite person walks through the door?  Exactly – if you want your dog to respond to cues when he is aroused, you have to practice when he is aroused.  Play is a great way to tease up your dog’s nervous system (heart rate, respiration, adrenaline). And, who doesn’t want to have “play with your dog” as part of their training practice? But playing alone is not enough. You have to know how to do it with structure and set your dog up for success.  Don’t worry – Marge will show you how.

Qualification & Credentials
In an unregulated industry, it’s hard to tell what you’re getting when you hire a dog trainer. And, that’s a lot of alphabet soup behind Marge’s name. Let’s see if we can simplify it.

What Marge's Clients Say

"My clients have routinely praised the interactions and teaching they have experienced with Ms. Rogers. She has helped dogs that showed aggression due to fear or anxiety in the exam rooms to relax and accept a physical exam without the need for restraint....Marge Rogers will be a benefit to the dogs and families in North Carolina. You can depend on her skills and record of success."
Dr. Constanze Goricki
"Wow and wow again!We've had the best, most stress-less day we've had in a very long while. Thank you so much for giving us the tools to help Wally relax."
"Thank you Marge!We've all learned so much. Your manner and skills taught us a lot about having an effective and gentle relationship with Kira. And about having fun! Clearly, we've only just begun."
Pet Owner
"..while walking Mocha this morning, a woman walking her dog was a little way down the road, Mocha saw them, I redirected her and she followed me happily! No barking! Now the really amazing part, as we turned going back home a guy on a skateboard with his dog running next to him started down the street. Mocha saw him and looked back at me offering eye contact. Again no barking or lunging. 😀 She is already getting so much better!"
Veterinary Technician
"Marge is a leader in her field. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to communicate her message well to us humans as well as our pets. First class in every way.”
Retired CSX Security
“I believe Marge’s tendency to completely exceed expectations is one of the many things that set her apart as a dog trainer.”
Pre-med student
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