About Us

Marge Rogers

Veterinarian Recommended

Marge is a great teacher – for both ends of the leash! Let’s face it. You’re the one that lives with your dog. You are the biggest influence on your dog’s behavior. Marge will teach you how to make the most of that influence.

Marge is a certified professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant. She has thousands of hours teaching owners, dogs and other canine professionals.

One of the things you will notice right away about Marge is her enthusiasm for sharing information about training and behavior. Marge changed her life and her career when she learned about the science of behavior. She is warm and engaging when sharing what she learned with her clients and other canine professionals.

Dog training and behavior aren’t rocket science. They are based in behavioral science. Marge boils down the science into relatable, easy-to-understand information. Even her business name is educational: Rewarded Behavior Continues. 

Marge earned certifications in training and behavior consulting (canine) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She is also a Certified Control Unleashed®️ Instructor and a Certified Fear Free®️ Professional. She received additional training on child-dog safety and family dynamics through Family Paws Parent Education. Marge is an engaging, experienced seminar presenter and offers continuing education workshops for veterinarians and veterinary technicians in North Carolina. She has worked with corporations (CSX, Babies ‘R Us), communities, and schools to bust myths about dogs and dog training.


Maggie Hunter

Maggie is a gifted trainer! She understands the science of behavior, is a gifted teacher (in and out of the classroom), and has excellent mechanical skills (her dog has titled in multiple sports). It is an honor to have her on the RBC team!

Like many trainers, Maggie’s journey started with owning a difficult dog. Her rescue mix, Otis, needed a lot of help learning how to feel safe in the world. Along the way, she discovered that she loved training dogs and wanted to know more. She began mentoring under Marge and is currently working towards earning her CPDT-KA  (Certified Professional Dog Trainer–Knowledge Assessed) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Maggie is newer to the world of professional training, but is certainly not new to working with dogs. She began working as a professional groomer in 2016, and after several years of working in high-volume salons, she opened her own salon, Bark and Brush Grooming, in 2020. She saw a need for a gentler, stress-free approach to working with shy and nervous pups and has tailored her business to meeting their needs. Before discovering grooming, she graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s in Biology and English and completed the coursework for a Master’s in Education at Appalachian State. She has spent time traveling the world, working as a ski and kayak instructor, and teaching middle school students. Her background in education and pet care naturally work together to make her a kind and effective teacher with both human and canine learners. 

As a lifelong learner herself, Maggie spends her free time reading books about dogs, attending seminars, competing at dog events with her Airedale terrier, and working with pet care professionals to learn as much as possible about her field. She looks forward to continuing to grow and can’t wait to help you and your pup to have the best possible life together.