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"Marge and Lisa spent a day at Appalachian State University this week teaching my three "Animals and Ethics" classes about canine behavior and cognition. My 60+ freshmen were captivated by their presentation, which was chock full of advice, anecdotes, videos, demonstrations, and fun. Marge and Lisa are not only experts in their field, but they also connect so well with people (even a groggy group of 18-year-olds at 8:00 in the morning)! I so appreciate their generosity and expertise -- they truly enriched my course (and I learned a lot too)! Thank you!
Dr. Terry Waldspurger
Appalachian State University

Animal Hospital Programs

We offer presentations and seminars for your teams on training, behavior, and dog body language.  Our presentation, “Carrots and Sticks – The Science Behind Modifying Behavior” has been approved for 3 Continuing Education Credits by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association.

“Thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm & generosity. All veterinary practices would benefit from exposure to this information.” – Dr. Cathy Kreis, Veterinarian

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Clicker training isn’t just for tricks – although it certainly does make trick training easier. Sports dog enthusiasts use marker training for a variety of sports (agility, competitive obedience, mondio-ring, tracking, rally, and more!). In addition to using markers for sports, teaching tricks is a great way to condition your dog and improve his body awareness.  

“I have been to quite a few seminars and learned from some of the best. My hat goes off to you. You have an incredible gift to communicate with people when it comes to this stuff. I was very impressed and look forward to learning from you.” – Brian

“Marge totally changed my approach to training. She challenged me to look at training issues not as the dog’s failure to obey commands, but as proof I needed to find ways to more clearly communicate what behavior I would reward. Becoming a ‘thinking trainer’ enabled me to put advanced titles on each of my dogs in multiple disciplines: Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Schutzhund (IPO), Nose Work. And the joy on my dogs’ faces when working with with me literally stopped people in their tracks….” – 
Anita Gard, CNWI

U-CDX Wonder vom Haus Miller, CGC-A, RE, UD, TD, SchH3, FH, AWD1, NW3
U-UD Dijon of Black Dog Farm, CGC, RE, VER, UDX, OM1, IPO3, NW Elite 1

Nose Work & Scent Work Seminars

Lisa is a Certified Nose Work Instructor & an AKC Scent Work Judge. Her enthusiasm & ability to set up teams for success are hallmarks of her workshops.
“Went to a workshop with Lisa Mallory as our instructor and I learned so much…. Jazzy was on absolutely on cloud nine during her work session. Lisa was great at explaining and showing us how to make our dogs successful. I really appreciate how well she related to each of our dogs. We all walked out of there with so much more knowledge..Thanks so much Lisa, you are the best!” – Sharon

Child/Dog Safety Programs

Both Marge and Lisa are licensed presenters for a child/dog safety program, Doggone Safe.  They’ve presented at schools, libraries, businesses and community events. They are both committed to community education to keep children safe and dogs in homes.

“On behalf of our JCPCDD community, I want to thank you again for the wonderful presentation this morning! It was so informative, yet entertaining, at the same time. The kids really seemed to enjoy it and learn some valuable information. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.” – Linda DeBlois, Special Events Director, Julington Creek Plantation Recreation Center

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