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Puppy Face "Attending puppy socialization classes is the single most important thing you can do for your dog in his lifetime." - Kenneth Martin, DVM, and Debbit Martin, RVT, VTS (Behavior), CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, authors - "Puppy Start Right - Foundation Training for the Companion Dog"

The Puppy Path

During your puppy’s first year, he will pass through different life stages.  We offer a variety of training path options for puppies that start training with us before they are 6 months of age. The time you invest in your puppy during this critical period in his development will pay off for years to come.

We offer a variety of “Puppy Path” options based on your goals for your puppy and the level of support you need. All of our training packages come with access to our video library of instructional videos. Review training exercises at your convenience or use the library to work ahead of our lessons to get the most out of your training investment.

Puppy Primer - One 2.5 Hour Session

Why a special session for new puppy owners? Puppies are easier to train when you understand how they learn. Let us help you start your puppy off on the right paw with modern, effective, and humane training methods. This 2.5 hour session includes the entire family. The first part of the session is for people only. We’ll talk about how puppies learn, how to change their behavior & dog body language. We’ll also talk about common puppy issues such as house training, socialization, puppy biting, getting your puppy to come when called (click for video) and more. Next we’ll work with your new family member off-leash in your home. We’ll show you how to make learning a great experience for your puppy. Start your puppy off right. Schedule your Puppy Primer session today.  Behaviors reviewed include: sit & “Say Please” by sitting, introduction to “Come to Me!”, and introduction to impulse control.

Puppy Foundations - 4 Sessions

This discounted training package includes the 2.5 hour Puppy Primer session plus 3 follow-up sessions of approximately 1 hour each. Included in this package is 24/7 access to the client log-in section of our web site. There you’ll find video demonstrations for teaching your puppy all kinds of things – including polite behavior with food, toys and at the door , walking nicely on a leash and more! Review lessons at your convenience or work ahead. Ask us for more information on this popular program. Click here to see what other puppies learned in our 4 session training program. Behaviors reviewed include: sit, d0wn, stay, Come to Me!, impulse control with food/toys, door manners, using rewards other than food, and introduction to leash walking.

Framework for Life Skills - 8 Sessions

When your puppy has been introduced to the basics, it’s time to increase the difficulty.  Our Framework for Life Skills package is like middle school for your puppy.  We build on basic skills he learned in the foundations course.  This discounted training package includes behaviors reviewed in Puppy Foundations plus 4 additional sessions with:  loose leash walking with distractions, settle, training in public settings (as appropriate for individual puppy), introduction to handling for routine care.

Skill Builder - 12 Sessions plus 2 Tutoring Sessions (14 total)

Our Skill Builder training package helps you keep your puppy’s training & skill development on track through his first year, which also includes the beginning of adolescence (oh no! – a teenager).  This training package includes the behaviors reviewed in our Framework for Life Skills package plus: work with increased distractions, 2 “Tutoring Sessions” – (trainer works with your puppy), and phone follow-up and support through your puppy’s first year of age.

A Word About Adolescence

One moment your adorable little puppy hangs on your every word and is very well behaved. Before you know it, adolescence hits and you feel invisible to your puppy. He is becoming more independent every day. Consistency in training is very important during this developmental phase. Training problems are likely to be more pronounced during your puppy’s adolescence. Before your puppy gets any older (and bigger!) take the time to teach him good behavior. Marge & Tracee can help you teach your puppy good “manners” and polite behavior.  Here is a link to a nice article by Dr. Jennifer Cattet on surviving your dog’s adolescence.