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Who remembered that puppies were so much work?! With puppy biting, housetraining, socialization – there is so much to think about.

We can help! We have a proven, positive reinforcement program and a library of training videos. Let us simplify your puppy training.

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THE FIRST STEP – 2.5 Hr. Session
Professional Fees: $190

This 2.5 hour session includes the answers to your questions about puppy training – housetraining, puppy biting, socialization (what to do and what to avoid), alone time and more. We’ll also teach you how to “speak dog” (read dog body language). And, we’ll also discuss child/dog safety. Once we’ve answered all your questions on those topics, we’ll teach your puppy how to “say please” by sitting (instead of jumping), “come when called” and impulse control for puppies.

All multi-session training packages come with access to the “Client Page” of our web site. There you will find over 50 training videos on topics like leash walking, impulse control, housetraining and more. 

Professional Fees: $425

See some of the behaviors your puppy can learn in this training package. This training packages includes “The First Step” (explained above) plus 3 additional sessions of about an hour each. Additionally, training packages include access to the client area of our web site. There you will find over 50 instructional videos on the behaviors we’re teaching, plus other helpful videos including puppy nail trims and brushing your puppy. During our sessions we’ll review & discuss where  your puppy is in his behavioral development & add some new skills like: Sit, Down, Stay, Come to Me!, Impulse Control with Food & Toys, Door Manners, Using Non-Food Rewards, Intro to Leash Walking & Handling and Brushing.

RUNNING START – 8 Sessions
Professional Fees: $725

See some of the behaviors your puppy can learn in this training package.  Here is another example of a puppy practicing his lessons.  This 8 session training package includes the skills and information reviewed in “One Foot in Front of the Other” plus: Loose Leash Walking with Distractions, “Settle,” Training in Public Settings (as appropriate for each individual puppy), Introduction to Handling for Routine Care – nail trims, eye and ear medication and veterinarian visits.

GOLD MEDALIST – 14 Sessions
Professional Fees: $1240

See one of our Gold Medal puppies train in public! This 14 session training package includes everything in the “Running Start” training package plus 6 additional sessions. The added training time allows for increased distraction training, support through your puppy’s adolescence (oh, no – a teenager!) and the opportunity to fine tune behaviors or even get  your puppy started in a canine sport like Nose Work, tricks, agility, obedience and rally.

PUPPY PRE-K (for puppies 8-14 weeks of age)

Congratulations on your new puppy! You probably have your hands full and a lot of puppy questions. You’re in the right place – we have puppy answers and solutions to common puppy issues. This 6 week course is designed to maximize this critical period in your puppy’s behavioral development. We’ll provide you with information on house training, socialization, puppy biting, “terrible teething” and more. We’ll also show you how to teach your puppy common behaviors like sit, come when called, and our favorite, “settle.” We’ll introduce your puppy to other puppies and to novel objects and sounds.

PUPPY KINDERGARDEN (puppies 14 wks – 6 months)
8 wks
Professional Fees: $240

This class covers all the foundations to start your puppy on a lifetime of learning. In addition to the basics (sit, come, settle, down, intro to leash skills & impulse control) we also address introduction to new things, focus with distractions and confidence building.


Free iBook & PDF

Free downloadable iBook and PDF. Did you ever wonder what professional dog trainers teach their puppies? Wonder no more. Follow along with videos and written explanations and see the lessons I taught my puppy, Zip! Click on the photo or this text to get your copy of “Lessons for My Puppy” by Eileen Anderson and Marge Rogers, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA.


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