Marge Rogers, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

" I'm making the adjustments you suggested and today was already a better day, she slept through the night last night with no 3:30am wake up and quietly slept in the crate in my office through 90 minutes of meetings today. Plus, no accidents! I always feel after you've been here that I've been in the presence of a canine wizard, your amazing grasp of behavior and common sense positive solutions make such a huge difference. Plus you also make me feel better and more confident, which allows me to relax and enjoy my dogs. " - Wendy

"We hired Marge for 5 sessions and she came to our house. She worked with all of us, not just Gus and really had my 9 year old son be involved. Her style of training is unlike anything we've ever seen or heard of. Gus is a different dog because of it. We even have friends that remind us of that because we don't remember him as being that scared, hot mess of a dog anymore. Marge gave us so many resources and ideas to help with the anxiety. It was also hard to walk him on the leash, he's 95 pounds and my son can walk him now. We were committed to the training and did everything she asked us to during the week. My husband and I have told so many people about her. My husband is convinced Gus is a different dog ONLY because of her." - Konomi

Marge is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA) and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA).  What does that alphabet soup mean? It means that Marge has been independently tested and certified as a behavior consultant and professional dog trainer.  Modifying a dog’s fearful or aggressive behavior requires a different skill set than teaching him to sit, down or come.  Marge’s skills have been validated by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.


Marge Rogers, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

"I believe Marge's tendency to completely exceed expectations is one of the many things that sets her apart as a dog trainer." - Nicole Old Dog

"Marge is so good that she gets you excited to teach your dog." - Anonymous

Experience, Skills and Knowledge
Marge has over 2000 hours experience using positive reinforcement-based training to modify behavior and train dogs & their owners.  In addition to her very popular puppy training program, veterinarians throughout Jacksonville recommend Marge to help their clients who have dogs with behavior problems including noise and storm phobias, separation anxiety and aggression.  Marge mentors new trainers and dog training students for CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.

What sets Marge apart from other trainers are her certifications, skill and enthusiasm for using positive reinforcement training methods with both the dog and the human end of the leash.   When appropriate, she enjoys involving the whole family in the training in training the family pet.  Every family member is “training” the dog each time they interact with him.  Why not make sure they are training good behavior?

Marge continues to expand her knowledge and skills through continuing education opportunities.  Marge is a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator.  She is specially trained to help families with dogs prepare for life with baby and toddler.  She is also a licensed presenter for Doggone Safe, a child-dog safety program.  Marge has conducted presentations at Mandarin libraries, local businesses and veterinary offices.

Marge was involved with Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue for many years and welcomed three rescued Ridgebacks into her family.  Marge and her Ridgebacks had many fun training adventures and became well-known for their YouTube videos.  When her first Ridgeback, Chase, passed away, Marge received condolences from around the world.  Marge currently shares her life with her husband, Bob, and her Portuguese Water Dog, Zip.

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"while walking mocha this morning, a woman walking her dog was a little way down the road, mocha saw them, I redirected her and she followed me happily! No barking! Now the really amazing part, as we turned going back home a guy on a skateboard with his dog running next to him started down the street. Mocha saw him and looked back at me offering eye contact! Again no barking or lunging. :D She is already getting so much better! " - Krista dog-and-kids.jpg

Visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel to learn more about our training.  Marge often posts links to articles and videos of actual training sessions on the Rewarded Behavior Continues Facebook page and shares information on Twitter.  You can also find us on Google+.


Dog with Kids "I am in awe of what you do and what you know. Thank you for helping me learn the skills I need, in such a fun way, to encourage Enzo's best behavior. " - Tonia