Classes in Boone

We are excited to partner with Fetching Ridge Pet Hotel & Spa, across from the Wautaga Humane Society.  This location in Boone enables us to offer 2 locations for our clients. Training that’s convenient, effective & fun. What more could you ask?

Family Dog Manners
Modern, Effective Training for You & Your Dog

Happy students make happy owners.

Tired of living with an unruly dog? We can help! 
This class will help you teach your dog – 

  • Polite behavior on leash
  • How to “Say Please” by sitting
  • Come When Called
  • Impulse Control with Food & Toys
  • Basic obedience 

You’ll be learning, too. You’ll learn how to best teach your dog and how he communicates through his body language.

Play Video

Watch the video above for a video example with a 6-month-old puppy


  • REVISED START DATE: Class starts Monday, 5/7/18, at 6:00 & meets weekly for 6 weeks
  • 1st class is for people only – no dogs. We’ll talk about how dogs learn and canine body language. We’ll also do some mechanical skills practice. Dogs join in on the fun in weeks 2-7.
  • Professional fees for this 6 week course are $192. 
  • The instructor is Brianne Harris, Rewarded Behavior Continues team member, former instructor at Wautaga Humane Society and owner of Positive Partners Dog Training.

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