New Dog Training Facility in Boone & West Jefferson NC

Welcome to our new site! We are growing and changing and we thought it was time to dust off the cobwebs and freshen up the site to reflect some of our recent changes. We’ve changed physical locations – from Florida to the High Country of North Carolina.  We’ve grown – both by expanding our team and adding The Center for K9 Excellence. And, we have exciting things in-store for you in 2018.

We will be offering a variety of group training classes this year. Together, we can offer you more variety in training classes than we could have individually. Look for puppy  &basic manners/obedience classes, Nose Work, Control Unleashed, Clicker Foundations, confidence building for the shy dog and more.

Our private training sessions will be conducted in The Dog House – our base of operations that is a home-like setting with all the comforts of home.  What better way to help your dog or puppy generalize his newly learned skills to home than practicing in a home?

Day training is like day school for your dog or puppy. You drop your dog off in the morning, we provide him with multiple, short training sessions throughout the day and you pick up a tired, trained dog at the end of the day. Because we have thousands of hours teaching dogs and their owners new skills, we can teach your dog or puppy skills faster than you can.  We can get him well-started on new behaviors and then teach you how to follow-up at home.

We’ve expanded our board and train program and both Marge and Lisa will work with your dog or puppy during his stay.  Board and train is a great way to get your puppy off to a good start or a wonderful option for dogs in need of behavior modification.

In addition to our large, fenced ring and The Dog House, The Center for K9 Excellence is located on 15 acres of private land with hiking trails. Hiking the trails is a great way for you to warm-up before or decompress after a training session.

We are Fear Free Certified Professionals. In addition to assisting Boone Animal Hospitals as they transition to Fear Free, we provide continuing education opportunities for veterinarians and their teams.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We hope to offer “Stay and Train” – a vacation & training getaway for you at our center. We also hope to host some dog sport seminars, including Nose Work.  Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, take a look around and let us know what you think!

Happy training,
Marge & Lisa

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4 Comments on “New Dog Training Facility in Boone & West Jefferson NC

  1. I’m looking for some help

    We have a 6 month old chocolate lab that chews everything it comes in contact with. We installed an invisible fence and now he chews the outside trees and digs holes in our yard. This is our 4th lab over the years and this dog is more destructive than any of the others. He needs to be trained or will have to find a new home! All I expect are the basics, don’t dig, don’t jump on people or bark just to hear itself. I want this dog to be like our prior dogs. Play and bond with our family and bark when someone comes into our yard.

    Thank you

    • Hi, Randy.

      Thank you for reading our blog and commenting. I’m sorry your 6 month old lab puppy is chewing on things. That is pretty typical given his breed and age. Unfortunately, knowing that his behavior is typical doesn’t make it any easier to live with. And, at 6 months of age, your puppy is likely entering adolescence (oh, no – a teenager!). Canine adolescence can be a challenging time – even for an experienced dog owner like yourself. There is still plenty of time to teach your puppy how you’d like him to behave and have him bond with your family. We have a group training class starting Monday, April 9th, at Fetching Ridge Pet Hotel & Spa in Boone. We also offer private, one-on-one training at The Center for K9 Excellence in West Jefferson. In the meantime, make sure your puppy has plenty of appropriate things to chew on. I love the Kong food dispensing toy featured in the following video. When my ridgebacks were puppies, I used to feed them their meals in food toys. That gave them something appropriate to chew on and helped drain some puppy energy.
      If you’d like additional information about our training, please call us at 828-263-6153 or email
      Thank you, again.
      Happy training,

  2. I have a 7yr.old rottewil/lab mix very sweet dogs he just wants to jump on people
    an we want to have in house all the time but he’s just to hiper so what can we do an
    what is the price.

    Thank You

    • Hi, Elizabeth. I just sent you an email with some information. 🙂

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