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Rewarded Behavior Continues, LLC, is your source for positive dog & puppy training in Jacksonville, Florida. We can make training your dog or pup a POSITIVE, FUN experience. We’ll show you how to use modern, effective and humane training called clicker or marker training. We know exactly what forms of training will result in good behavior in your pet. Who doesn’t want that? Improve your dog’s behavior and create a stronger bond – start today!

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What is clicker/marker training?

Clicker training (also known as marker training) is modern, effective and fun. It works on all ages and breeds of dogs. With marker training, you reward/reinforce behavior you like (want to see more of), prevent behavior you don’t like (want to see less of) and set your dog or puppy up for success by using good management techniques. We also build on success. We break down more complex things into smaller pieces that create a pattern of success.

Isn't clicker training just for tricks?

Some people might think so, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Marker training is the same type of training used to teach dolphins open ocean defense work and that zoo keepers use to teach zoo animals to participate in their own care. This type of training isn’t about a particular tool (like a clicker). It is about clear communication and breaking complex behavior into manageable pieces for the learner.  Modern dog trainers use marker training for law enforcement, service dog training, dog sports (Obedience, Tracking, Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, Agility, Freestyle, Rally and more) and for training family pets. Dog obedience, dog training, behavior problems, puppy training – clicker training does it all.

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